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5B Technologies Corporation operates through three wholly owned subsidiaries, 5B Technologies Group, Inc. (5B Group), Deltaforce Personnel Services, Inc. (DeltaGroup), and Paramount Operations Inc. (Paramount). 5B Technologies Group Inc. is a comprehensive business solutions provider, offering customers a wide range of integrated services, including the procurement of hardware/software, customized design and development of Internet infrastructure and commerce solutions, information technology consulting, local area network and Website security and systems integration. As businesses deploy new solutions and technologies, the ability to seamlessly integrate these solutions - both internally across the enterprise and externally with business partners - is critical to a company's on-going success. 5B Group builds e-business and integrated solutions for some of the world's most innovative companies. The Company's in-depth understanding of New Economy issues, market trends, and world-class technology coupled with its collaborative way of working with clients, creates a strong business relationship. Now, as in the past, 5B Group is redefining the professional services, systems integration and management consulting services industry. DeltaGroup provides temporary and permanent staffing services to several of New York City's top law firms and corporations. DeltaGroup provides top-notch temporary word processors, proofreaders and legal secretaries, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In May 2000, the Company sold the majority of its lease portfolio, which was maintained through its wholly owned subsidiary, Paramount. The evolution of 5B from a technology equipment leasing and trading company to a comprehensive business solutions provider of full service Internet and Information Technology (IT) began in 1996. During the first quarter of that year, in response to the Company's need to provide its customers with more-value added services, the Company created a new wholly owned subsidiary, 5B Group. 5B Group began offering customers full IT service solutions, including hardware, software, system design, systems integration and other value-added support services, including telephony integration in voice over Internet Protocol. In order to further enhance and expand its system integration services and solutions business, 5B Group acquired Comptech Resources, Inc. (Comptech) in October 1998. Comptech was a systems consulting, software application, Year 2000 compliance and Internet design and development firm. The acquisition of Comptech brought to the Company a specialization in client-server accounting, sales-force automation, web development and e-commerce solutions. To expand its Internet solutions business and to add the ability to host clients, 5B Group acquired, in March 1999, certain assets of Web Business Systems Inc. (Web), a small New York based Web hosting and development company. The acquisitions of Comptech and Web have enabled the Company to offer a full complement of Internet and IT solutions. The Company felt that while it satisfied most middle market technology needs, it was unable to offer Fortune 1,000 and global companies high-end solutions. To overcome this shortcoming, in September 2000, 5B Group acquired certain assets of Infinity Consulting Inc. (Infinity), a privately held North Carolina based company. This acquisition brings to 5B Group high-end engineering skills in the areas of database management, application development, implementation and performance tuning. 5B Group can now support LINUX and UNIX operating systems, including IBM-AIX, SUN Solaris, HP-UX and SCO. By using these open systems technology 5B Group can make rapid changes in operating systems to thread (integrate) best-of-breed applications, including Oracle, Informix and DB2. 5B Group has also embraced the Open Source Community, which is a client first concept stating that the client is best served when professionals share their expertise and solutions. 5B Group will strive to make all of its tools available to the community

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