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Global Med Technologies, Inc. (Global Med), incorporated in 1989, provides information management software products and services to the healthcare industry. Through its Wyndgate division, the Company designs, develops, markets and supports information management software products for blood banks, hospitals, centralized transfusion centers and other healthcare-related facilities. Global Med's 83%-owned subsidiary,, Inc. (PeopleMed), has developed a software application that gives health maintenance organization (HMO) providers and other third-party payers access to clinical information for chronic disease patients. This application allows doctors and other medical employees access to a patient's history. PeopleMed offers chronic disease management as an application service provider (ASP). The Company has two main products in its Wyndgate division, SafeTrace and SafeTrace Tx. Safe Trace is used to assist community blood centers, hospitals, plasma centers and outpatient clinics in the United States in complying with the standards of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the collection and management of blood and blood products. SafeTrace Tx is a transfusion management information system that is used by hospitals and centralized transfusion centers to help ensure the quality of blood transfused into patient-recipients. SafeTrace Tx provides electronic cross-matching capabilities to help ensure blood compatibility with patient-recipients, and tracks inventories, and bills and documents all activities with blood products from the time blood products are received in inventory to the time the blood products are used or returned to blood centers. SafeTrace Tx complements SafeTrace, because the combined SafeTrace Tx and SafeTrace software system integrate hospitals with blood centers and provide a vein-to-vein tracking of the blood supply. The Wyndgate division earns revenues primarily through the sale of software licenses, implementation of the software systems sold, and by providing maintenance for the SafeTrace and SafeTrace Tx software systems. As of January 17, 2006, Global Med, through its Wyndgate division, had over 160 customers. PeopleMed's system uses the Internet to coordinate sources and users of a patient's clinical information, including laboratory, pharmacy, primary and specialty care providers, claims and medical records. PeopleMed earns revenues primarily by providing ongoing ASP services. During the year ended December 31, 2005, all of Global Med's revenues were generated from providing products and services to end users located throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Africa. The Company competes with Mak-System Corp., Blood Bank Computer Systems, Inc., Mediware Information Systems, Inc., Misys Hospital Systems, Inc., Meditech, Inc., SCC Soft Computer and Cerner Corp.

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