Direxion Daily Russia Bear 3x Shares (NYSE:RUSS)
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Whitney Information Network, Inc., incorporated in 1996, provides post secondary educational and training courses for students throughout the United States. The Company has expanded its operations to include course offerings to students in Canada and the United Kingdom. The courses provide instruction in real estate investing, business strategies, stock market investment techniques, cash management, asset protection and other financially oriented subjects. They are classified as Basic Training, Advanced Real Estate Courses, Business Success Training, Financial Market Education Courses and Mentoring Programs. The Company markets directly to customers a range of educational and reference products that supplement its training programs, such as Building Wealth Real Estate Home Study Course; Real Estate Success System Software; Business Success System Software; Discount Notes and Mortgages Home Study Course; self-help courses, and manuals that provide students with information about their credit along with first-time homebuyers' manuals. Basic Training The financial educational training is taught to students in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. This includes traditional course study and hands-on training, and includes subjects, such as Real Estate, which uses the Building Wealth workshop training; Cash Flow Generator, a training program offering a curriculum in real estate concentrates on the buy, fix up and sell concept; Business, a three-day business local training workshops, and Financial, which uses Teach Me To Trade and Star Trader, programs emphasizing stock trading and the use of options and option trading. Advanced Real Estate Courses Many of these programs offer local tours so that students can observe negotiating techniques and view properties in the area. Under this program are Millionaire Intensified Real Estate Training; Wholesale Buying, a course on the fundamentals of negotiating, financing and disposing of wholesale properties; Foreclosure Training, which teaches the intricacies of the real estate foreclosure process; Purchase Options, which teaches students how to control an equitable interest in property without actually owning the property; Property Management Cash Flow; Investing in Mobile Homes; Commercial Real Estate Investing, and Keys to Creative Real Estate Financing, which teaches students how to create and refinance mortgages, how to exchange properties without tax consequences and how to structure financings in light of prior credit problems. Business Success Training The programs offer a series of training courses associated with starting a business, growing a business and protecting assets. It includes Asset Protection and Tax Relief, which describe various legal entities used to hold property, and Discount Notes and Mortgage, which teaches students how to broker and buy commercial paper at a discount. Financial Market Education Courses The Company's Financial Training programs help students learn about stock market and international equity investing. The Master Trader Advanced Training course is a three-day program offering intensified training designed to provide traders and investors with the knowledge needed to prosper in various market environments. Course work includes technical analysis, fundamental analysis and its Master Training techniques. The Trading P.I.T. (pros-in-training) course describes the trading approaches of top money managers. The course teaches students how to create an income stream using more conservative trading techniques and other strategies designed to limit risk, while increasing the probability of success. Strategies covered include a number of trading approaches, such as bidirectional trading, hedged directional trading, non-directional trading, floor-trading strategies and capital preservation. The Single Stock Futures course addresses changes in rules regarding single stock futures. New tools associated with spread trading and leveraged trading are discussed. Students are taught the legal framework of single stock f

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