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The Stephan Co., incorporated in 1952, is engaged in the manufacture, sale and distribution of hair care and personal care products at both the wholesale and retail level. The Company consists of The Stephan Co. (Stephan) and its nine wholly owned operating subsidiaries: Foxy Products, Inc., Old 97 Company, Williamsport Barber and Beauty Corp., Stephan & Co., Scientific Research Products, Inc. of Delaware, Sorbie Distributing Corporation, Stephan Distributing, Inc., Morris Flamingo-Stephan, Inc. and American Manicure, Inc. The Company is organized into three segments: Professional Hair Care Products and Distribution (Professional), Retail Personal Care Products (Retail) and Manufacturing. The Professional segment consists of a customer base of distributors, which purchase the Company's hair care products and beauty and barber supplies for sale to salons, barbershops and beauty schools. In this segment, a distinction is made between wet goods, which include shampoos, conditioners, gels and similar hair treatments, and hard goods, which include scissors, clippers, combs, dryers and other products used in the cutting and styling of hair. The customer base for the Retail segment comprises mass merchandisers, chain drug stores and supermarkets that sell hair care and other personal care products directly to the end user. The Manufacturing segment manufactures products for subsidiaries of the Company, and manufactures private label brands for certain customers. Stephan is principally engaged in the manufacture of hair care products for sale by one of its subsidiaries, Scientific Research Products, Inc. and the manufacture of products marketed under the Stephan brand name. It also manufactures, markets and distributes hair and skin care products under various trade names through its subsidiaries. Retail product lines include brands, such as Cashmere Bouquet talc, Quinsana Medicated talc, Balm Barr and Stretch Mark creams and lotions, Protein 29 liquid and gel grooming aids and Wildroot hair care products for men. Under the terms of an exclusive trademark license and supply agreement with Color Me Beautiful, Inc., the Company markets the brand names Hope, Interlude and Fade- Away through several retail chains in the United States and Canada. The Company also manufactures and sells products under the brand name Stephans. Such products consist of different types of shampoos, hair treatments, after-shave lotion, dandruff lotion, hair conditioners and hair spray which are distributed throughout the United States to approximately 350 beauty and barber distributors and are included in its Professional segment. Old 97 Company (Old 97), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, markets products under brand names, such as Old 97, Knights, and Tammy. In addition to selling more than 100 different products, including hair and skin care products, fragrances, personal grooming aids and household items, Old 97 serves as an additional manufacturing facility for the Company's products. Its Tampa facility manufactures most of the products sold under the Frances Denney line, all the talc manufactured for the Cashmere Bouquet and Quinsana brands, as well as all the other retail hair and skin care brands sold by Stephan, Stephan Distributing, Inc. and Sorbie Distributing Corporation. The operations of Old 97 are included in the Manufacturing segment of the Company's business. Williamsport Barber and Beauty Corp. (Williamsport), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, is a mail order beauty and barber supply company. It is included in the Professional business segment. Stephan & Co., a wholly owned subsidiary, has focused on the distribution of personal care amenity products to resorts and spas. Scientific Research Products, Inc. of Delaware (Scientific) is a wholly owned subsidiary, which accounted for 6.8% of the Company's consolidated revenues, during the year ended December 31, 2005. The majority of the sales of Scientific are included in the Retail business segment. Sorbie Distributing Corporation (Sorbie) is a whol

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